Production contracting

  For many years, Meteor - Commerce has been engaged  in  contracting  and financing agricultural production  with  farms  and  individual farmers.   With  this  kind  of   business,   our subcontractors can provide the most favorable conditions for the procurement of raw materials, but also the safest way to  store  their  agricultural products in our warehouses.  By contracting agricultural production with Meteor Commerce, our subcontractors can expect:
- Advance delivery of the highest quality seeds, protective agents and fertilizers;
- Tips on the proper application of the above products in order to achieve them
maximum effects;
- Crop monitoring and guaranteed purchase of agricultural products from the whole contracted out
areas, during the harvest period;
  All our subcontractors have the opportunity to contract agricultural production with us for some of the following crops:
- Barley
- Wheat
- Sunflower
- Soy
- Corn
  It  is  important to note that all the raw material we distribute to our subcontractors  is  of  superior quality and comes from reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  If they want our subcontractors have the opportunity to insure their crops from the weather at the best prices on the market, which, under these volatile weather conditions, ensures them a peaceful sleep and secure earnings.

Damir Bjedov
Head of Wholesale and Cooperatione
+381 (0)63/10-89-787



  Storage of agricultural products are an important elements in the production of cereals. In addition this process is very important for every farmer and is very complex and responsible task for us as a company.   The  storage  business  itself  includes all  grain  management  processes  starting  with admissions  where  it  is  of  the  utmost  importance to do a quality analysis of quality and quantity.
  After  receiving  the  agricultural  products,   the  process  of  cleaning the grain from foreign ones becomes effective admixture then drying and storage.
  In order for Meteor    Commerce to maintain its storage quality, all its storage capacities, of over 50,000t, are prepared for storage before the reception begins. Of course involves the hygiene of storage facilities and transportation routes at the highest possible level.      Disinfection and pest control are a necessary part of this process.
  Crucially, Meteor Commerce constantly monitors and control of stored grain in order to preserve quality  and  create  optimal raw material base for manufacturing industry as well as creating the ultimate  economic  effect  in  terms  of  achieving the best possible prices when selling.
  Farmers who store their agricultural products in our storage
can be sure that until the final delivery, all the goods will maintain excellent quality and
quantity, because if necessary, the grain is grafted with possible additional cleaning and fumigation.
   Meteor Commerce is also in the commodity reserve system, which means we have acquired everything the necessary conditions for us to become authorized warehouses for the reception of corn and wheat for
Republic Directorate of Commodity Reserves in the territory of the West Bačka District.

Vatroslav Drobilović
Logistics Director and Technical Director
+381 (0)63/10-89-650



  Throughout the year, we purchase the following crops: barley, wheat, oilseed rape, corn, soybeans and sunflowers under the most favorable market conditions.
   The locations where we purchase are always logistically arranged to provide our subcontractors with the lowest possible transportation costs.
Payment for thr purchase of cereals is made immedeatly after the clearing.

Dajana Šekuljica
Head of Purchasing Department
+381 (0)63/10-89-635

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